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Shoe Repair Dubai is a Part of Kurtuba Lock Repairing & Key Cutting

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We at Shoe Repair Dubai believe in delivering quality

Our goal at Shoe Repair is to make the shoe repairing process, smooth and easy for all of our customers. We understand that expensive shoes are usually prized possessions, and thus our team takes on the responsibility to fix them with utmost care and love.

Our award winning team of cobblers and craftsmen will ensure your shoes are repaired within the least possible time, and are delivered to you at the earliest. We do our best when it comes to providing quality services at the most reasonable prices.

The faithful clientele we have is a result of a lifetime of efforts, and being honest & transparent with them. We assure you that whenever you choose us, no matter what the task is,(i.e. Shoe polishing, dyeing, repairing, mending, etc.) we will always support the craft of shoe repair to the fullest.

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adnan aslam
adnan aslam
8. August, 2022.
The shoes were cleaned immaculately. Value for money, job well done.
Anastasia Bondareva
Anastasia Bondareva
21. June, 2022.
Had an AMAZING experience with this shoe repair shop and I will recommend to all of my friends! Their replies are always prompt, prices are very affordable and quality is justโ€ฆ bravo! They also did it for me faster than I expected and my shoes heels very in terrible condition and they just fixed it in 1 day. I am so happy that such services exist in Dubai ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Alicia Giles
Alicia Giles
16. May, 2022.
Fantastic work! 2 of my suitcase sliders/zippers were ripped off in transit and this shop was able to repair it perfectly at a reasonable price.
Emanuele Gallone
Emanuele Gallone
4. May, 2022.
Repaired a leather grip for gymnastics. Very nice work


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Our Experts

Khalil Ur Rehman | Managing Director - Shoe Repair Dubai

Khalil Ur Rehman

Managing Director

Mohammed Ali | Sales Executive - Shoe Repair Dubai

Mohammed Ali

Sales Executive

Mohammed Hafeez | Cobbler - Shoe Repair Dubai

Mohammed Hafeez


Fayyaz Ahmed | Cobbler - Shoe Repair Dubai

Fayyaz Ahmed


CALL US: 055 830 2083

We provide immediately repair service that makes you look & feel your best !

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