High Heel Tip Replacement Dubai

As you all know that while wearing high heels which have the pointed and sleek style most of the weight goes on the tip of the footwear and usually lead to damaging it. The damage could be breakage or the twisted part of it and that is when you need high heel tip replacement. 

The heels usually get displaced very easily leading to foot injury as well, so it is important to wear heels which are extremely intact and do not cause a problem. You can always come to us at heel replacement shop for high heel tip replacement services. Usually local cobblers do not have the facility to replace your heel exactly the same way as the texture of your shoes or the shape of your other heel.

We at heel replacement Dubai shop have all the tools and techniques to do the same.  So, all you have to do when you need the high heel replacement is search High heel tip replacement Shop near me and reach to us. Or you can also call us at 055-830-2083 and we will guide you to us.

Heels are the best friends of every one of you and to keep them in good position is not only your responsibility but duty as they ensure good feet. So, let your feet and your footwear be happy as they are being treated well. Get the tip replaced at the most nominal prices and in the least possible time, so you don’t miss your heels for a long time.

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adnan aslam
adnan aslam
8. August, 2022.
The shoes were cleaned immaculately. Value for money, job well done.
Anastasia Bondareva
Anastasia Bondareva
21. June, 2022.
Had an AMAZING experience with this shoe repair shop and I will recommend to all of my friends! Their replies are always prompt, prices are very affordable and quality is just… bravo! They also did it for me faster than I expected and my shoes heels very in terrible condition and they just fixed it in 1 day. I am so happy that such services exist in Dubai 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Alicia Giles
Alicia Giles
16. May, 2022.
Fantastic work! 2 of my suitcase sliders/zippers were ripped off in transit and this shop was able to repair it perfectly at a reasonable price.
Emanuele Gallone
Emanuele Gallone
4. May, 2022.
Repaired a leather grip for gymnastics. Very nice work
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