Rubber Sole Replacement Services in Dubai

Rubber sole is something which is there in all your shoes to keep you comfortable and makes it easy to walk. But the footwear that you prefer to wear on regular basis tend to get ruined fast as the sole might come out or be torn and in that case you would need Rubber sole replacement.

Rubber sole replacement services are easily available with any local cobbler as well, so you might be thinking why you have to come to us for such a thing. Well, we’ll tell you why you have to come to us. We have an award winning team of craftsmen at Rubber sole replacement Dubai who are the best at their job and are very experienced with replacing soles. Our shoe repair Dubai shop is known for doing the best work in the industry at the most reasonable prices and therefore, we happen to maintain a long list of clientele.

You can just search us on goggle by Rubber sole replacement Shop near me, if you are in Dubai and you will be directed to us. The other option that you have is reach out to us at 0558302083 and we can guide you towards our shop. You can always grab the pair of shoes you want us to repair and we are always here at your service. We are almost like the doctors for your shoes and know exactly how to fix them. So, you can leave your shoes with us without worrying and we ensure you to deliver them to you in no possible time in the best condition.

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adnan aslam
adnan aslam
8. August, 2022.
The shoes were cleaned immaculately. Value for money, job well done.
Anastasia Bondareva
Anastasia Bondareva
21. June, 2022.
Had an AMAZING experience with this shoe repair shop and I will recommend to all of my friends! Their replies are always prompt, prices are very affordable and quality is just… bravo! They also did it for me faster than I expected and my shoes heels very in terrible condition and they just fixed it in 1 day. I am so happy that such services exist in Dubai 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Alicia Giles
Alicia Giles
16. May, 2022.
Fantastic work! 2 of my suitcase sliders/zippers were ripped off in transit and this shop was able to repair it perfectly at a reasonable price.
Emanuele Gallone
Emanuele Gallone
4. May, 2022.
Repaired a leather grip for gymnastics. Very nice work
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