How to Polish Your Shoes Properly

From boots to sneakers – Shoes come in different styles and are impeccable footwear to wear on rainy days. But no matter how sustainable they are or how nice they look, they still can start looking ugly and worn over time. And that’s something you sure would not, do you? Knowing how to polish and clean your shoes will keep your footwear look good for many years. Just follow these simple steps below.

What you need

For regular leather shoes, the items mentioned below are the best. Yet if your shoes are made of suede, ensure to read the guidelines.

• A shoe cleaning brush to get rid of loose dirt & to get dirt between grooves off
Shoe polish to shine your shoes and to make the color look better once done with shoe polishing
• Shoe protector spray to protect your shoes against dirt and rain
• A soft cloth

Soap and water are the fastest way to get rid of dirt and stains from your leather shoes. However, they might not be very good when it comes to tough stains or scuff marks. Instead, select special products that are used to remove these stains.

Instructions to clean your shoes at home

Before you start, ensure to lay down newspaper sheets or a towel on the surface you will be working on for an easy clean-up. Once you’re done, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Remove the laces from your shoes
    Removing the laces helps in getting water or polish on them. But sometimes, they might need a wash as well.
  2. Brush off dirt and debris
    Dirt can mat the fibers go the week of your footwear which causes (unrepairable) cracks, so ensure to use a cleaning shoe brush to remove the dirt, mud, or salt of the shoe’s surfaces.
  3. Use soap to remove tough stains
    Dip a cloth into the water, mix it with a bit of soap and wipe the outer surfaces of the shoe. You can also use the Combi Foam by shaking the can and rubbing it in small circles onto the shoe.
  4. Wipe off soap
    Once all the stains are removed, ensure to clean away the soap with a dry cloth and wait for polishing until they’re dry enough to start polishing. This might take 20 minutes – an hour.
  5. Make use of polish and rub them in with a shoe brush
    Use a clear or similar colored polish and a clean, soft cloth to apply the polish in a circular motion across the entire shoe.

In case you don’t have time, you can always to go a shoe polishing shop to get your work done